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Terms & Conditions

These terms of service act as a binding agreement between Aim High Hosting Ltd (“Aim High Hosting”) and each of it’s clients (“client”) By using or purchasing any product or service provided by Aim High Hosting Ltd, the client is agreeing to these terms:

  1. General Information

1.1 Aim High Hosting shall communicate with the client via email and/or telephone to the contact email address or telephone number provided by the client.

1.2 Notice of any such events or changes involving the client’s service or this agreement shall be given at the time that such notice will be posted via email to the client.

1.3 Aim High Hosting never sells or disclose clients contact information to any third party, unless required by law or specifically authorised by the client. (As per Aim High Hosting’s Information Security Policy, copies of which can be obtained if requested).

1.4 All clients must maintain the accuracy of their contact information. Failure to do so may result in suspension of service.

1.5 In order to maintain a high standard of customer service, calls may be recorded.

1.6 Aim High Hosting may make changes to these terms of service at any time, and such changes will take effect 30 days after the notice of change is given to the client.

1.7 If the client does not agree with any change in service, the client must discontinue use of their services immediately and contact Aim High Hosting to advise.

  1. Acceptable Use

2.1 Aim High Hosting reserve the right to refuse or terminate service or products to anyone, at any time for any reason, including but not limited to violation of Aim High Hosting Ltd’s acceptable us policy.

2.2. Should Aim High Hosting terminate a client’s service for any reason other than violation of the acceptable use policy, Aim High Hosting will issue a refund of the remaining paid period of service.

2.3 Aim High Hosting is under no circumstances responsible for any damages resulting from termination of service.

  1. Payments, Prices and Cancellation

3.1 Payments for a renewal of service are due 14-21 days prior to the renewal due date.

3.1.1 Payment is currently accepted for products and services by our Secure Payment Gateway, Cheque, Cash, BACS or Chaps.

3.2 A reminder will be made via telephone or email 1 day before the due date if the payment has not been received.

3.3 If cleared payment is not received by 3 calendar days after the due date, the client’s services will be suspended and will incur in a £20.00 reactivation fee at Aim High Hosting’s discretion.

3.4. Services and products may be removed if they have spent 14 or more calendar days in a suspended state.

3.5 following the acceptance and payment of Aim High Hosting’s products and or services, a refund is not accountable by Aim High Hosting simply due to a “change of mind”, “circumstances” etc, especially when the service has begun and man hours have been generated by Aim High Hosting to produce such product or service, on the client’s agreement to proceed.

3.5.1 Accounts are not refundable if the client choses to terminate the account before the paid period ends.

3.5.2 If any invoice or remaining portion thereof is not paid 45 days following the generation of an invoice, Aim High Hosting reserve the right to contact a debt collection agency to recover the amount owed. If this process is actioned, a £75.00 minimum fee will be added to the invoice, to cover the legal fees encountered in such process.

3.6 It is the client’s responsibility to manage their own Payment gateway accounts subscriptions.

3.6.1 NO Card details are retained by the company and are destroyed as per Aim High Hosting’s Information Security Policy.

3.7 Management services are usually tied to a 12 month contract and as such you may cancel at any time, however an invoice for the time remaining will be raised for the amount of time outstanding.

3.8 If any invoice or part thereof is disputed, it still must be paid in full by the due date on the invoice. Any credits to be issued in the satisfactory resolution of the dispute, will be raised and credited within 90 days.

3.9 Aim High Hosting reserve the right to modify pricing for a product and or service at any time at Aim High Hosting’s discretion due to the amendment of a product and or service, or extra man hours required for such a required amendment. Such increases will take effect 30 days after notice has been given to the client with a full explanation for the reason of the increase. The client may choose to cancel the amended product and or service at any time to avoid a price increase. Term 3.5.1 stands for the original invoice amount.

  1. Product Creation, Website Creation, Development, Amendment and Management

4.1 Payment is currently accepted by our Secure Worldpay payment gateway, Cheque, Cash, BACS or Chaps.

4.2 A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total order value is required prior to work commencing.

4.3 The remainder should be paid no later than 30 days after the work is completed. Any minor problems, or bug fixes are covered and will be dealt with (should any arise), and are not a reason to withhold payment for the final amount.

4.4 Lead capture pages and their domain name remain the property of Aim High Hosting.

4.5 Supplied content by the client remains the property of the client. All written and designed content by Aim High Hosting remain the property of Aim High Hosting.

SEO Disclaimer

This SEO disclaimer forms part of our terms of service to any client who accepts a quotation for our services.

  • Aim High Hosting is unable to guarantee a specific placement for any specific keyword or key phrase as it does not control search engine results or their algorithms.
  • Aim High Hosting is not affiliated in any way with any of the search engines; Aim High Hosting is a separate third party.
  • Aim High Hosting DOES NOT:
    • Control or manipulate demand for products or services
    • Control clicks to your website as a result of high placement or control clicks to a pay per click campaign. (In turn we also request you resist the temptation to visit your own pay per click campaign!)
    • Manipulate or control search engine results.

Aim High Hosting Does not and cannot tell any search engine where to “rank” you.

Our technical computer Guru’s use their specific experience and techniques to give you the highest possible rankings, but cannot make any guarantees or promise of results. They will however use their technical knowhow and processes to give you the best possible chance of being up there above your competitors.

Mobile Responsive Solution

Please note: The mobile solution you have ordered consists of a complete set of website files, a redirect script, and instructions on how to implement it on your existing website/hosting.

They will be sent to you via email within 14 days of payment.

If you wish to have us install the site for you, then we will require all your current hosting, cPanel, FTP details, and any other passwords within 24 hours of your payment to us.

Obviously, should any problems arise we will endeavour to help you or your website provider install your mobile solution.